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Calvin A. Hunt is a world renowned artist from the Northwest Coast Kwakwaka'wakw community.

Experience the rich cultural heritage of his people through the fine art of our talented artist. Each piece serves as a testament to our enduring traditions and the beauty they hold."


As I work within the traditional Northwest Coast Kwagu’l style, I am reminded of the diversity, spirituality, transformation and meaning of our Kwakwaka’wakw culture. I most enjoy working with western red cedar, and am particularly interested in carving totem poles, masks and dance outfits. There are certain elements that represent the unifying symbolism of various animals and legends which I follow through the knowledge and teachings of my Chiefs, Elders and artists.


The magical traditional territories of the Kwagu'ł - T'SAXIS (village of Fort Rupert in Beaver Harbour

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The magical traditional territories of the Kwagu'ł in Ts'axis (Fort Rupert)

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