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Calvin Hunt's Artist Statement

Gilakas’la. Nugwam Chief Tlasutiwalis.
Gayutłan lax T'saxis. Gayutłan laxa Kwagu'l.
Gayutłan lax  Yuquot. Gayutłan laxa Mowachaht.
He’man ga’esi T’sakis.

I do what I do because......

Fine art constantly evolves; it allows a lens through which the fluidity and creativity of the art of the Northwest Coast is expressed. I mostly work within the elements of traditional southern Kwakiutl art, and it has taken me years to broaden my artistic creativity. Incorporating more contemporary elements and colours is a challenge I enjoy.
My art work crosses the continuum of history and the present. I enjoy sharing our culture with the world, and I feel very fortunate to have the capacity to pass on our Elders’ teachings.
Most importantly, it is a way for us to teach our children, our “Gwa’layu”, (our reason for living) by providing a creative, inspiring environment that generates knowledge of their crests, legends, songs and dances, giving them a sound foundation of their identity.



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