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Totem Poles

The carving of totem poles is a fine art form unique to the Northwest Coast of British Columbia.


Click on the next page "Slide Show of Commissioned Totem Poles" to view several of my past artistic work in Kwakwaka'wakw totem pole projects.


Or, to view my expertise in replication and refurbishing, click on the

"Replicated or Restored Totem Poles" page.



15' Calvin Hunt Veteran's Memorial Pole

Click this image for more information about totem poles.

Totem poles are important cultural symbols that hold great meaning for many indigenous communities. These impressive works of art incorporate Kwakwaka'wakw design that represent family histories, stories, relationships, beliefs, and experiences. They serve as visual records of the rich cultural heritage of our communities and are a testament to our enduring traditions and values.
Renowned for his mastery in carving Kwakwaka’wakw totem poles, his creations are a testament to his artistic prowess. His sculptures evoke a range of emotions and beliefs, making them a powerful medium of expression.

Renowned for his creativity and aesthetic sensibilities, this Kwagu’l artist has gained recognition from totem pole and fine art collectors worldwide. His commitment to integrity and reliability is evident in his ability to complete projects on time and within budget, solidifying his reputation as an internationally acclaimed artist.

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